jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

Mature radicalizes the repression against opponents

Nicolas Maduro radicalizes the repression against opponents in Venezuela: three dead

The protest in Valencia, one of the most conflictive cities of the country, ended with a student, a neighbor and a police officer dead. The National Guard repressed demonstrations in Caracas with gas

The three deaths occurred during clashes between protesters and the forces Chavez supporters in Valencia, capital of the State of Carabobo. The fatal victims are Jesús Enrique Acosta, a 22-year-old student, the civil Guillermo Sánchez, 42, and Ramos Ernesto Bravo Bracho, Captain of the National Guard of 36 years.

In Caracas, the students sought to reach the Office of the Ombudsman to request the resignation of the advocate, Gabriela Ramírez, because they consider "that protects theo Government and torture". However, the National Guard blocked the way de mobilization.

The riots were sparked when a demonstration of around 3,000 opposition students accesses of the Central University (UCV), one of the most emblematic of the country, was met with some 300 national guards that prevented its haci

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