viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Argentine swimmer trains at the Perito Moreno

After that achieved second place in the International Festival of Shandong, China, swimmer Tucuman Ola Matias prepares for another challenge in icy waters: the International Winter Festival 2014 Pirita in Tallinn, Estonia.

In the city of Tallinn, where more than 300 representatives from Finland, Latvia, Russia, England and USA will, for the first time there will be an Argentine. Compete in various modalities showing their resistance to cold, in a natural setting: the Pirita River. There they swim in temperatures of 0.3 degrees, with an ambient temperature of -20 degrees below zero. Note that this discipline is without wetsuit.

25 meters Breaststroke, 50m freestyle, 4x25 Freestyle Relay with foreign swimmers, Swim Endurance Marathon Swim 450 meters (distance and time).

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Mujica-Venezuela: Venezuelan Political Party calls for inte

Venezuelan political party calls intermediation Mujica

The president of the Social Christian Party (COPEI), Roberto Enríquez, requested to the embassy in Caracas Uruguay President Jose Mujica "international facilitator" to the wave of violence that runs through Venezuela.

"By the will of the Government, it has not been possible to establish channels honest communications and dialogue with all sectors of the country to address the enormous national problems. The only answer I have unfortunately found, is the simulation of the dialogue, the arrogance of power, comb, the buckshot, tear gas and lead to the legitimate demands of our youth, "says the letter, according to El Universal.

Mujica asks to intervene "regardless of ideological differences."

Enriquez reported in the letter repression against protesters "by the security forces and armed groups to-state."

"Conscious of his friendship with the Venezuelan government, but also aware that besides being a continental leader, you are a good and wise, honorable and upright man, we ask you to be international facilitator in the Venezuelan crisis," he added.

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Diego Maradona will not play in Deportivo Riestra

Former coach of the courts will not since there was no official order in AFA, according to confirmed sources club.

Diego Maradona will not return to football at age 53 and 17 out of retirement to play for Deportivo Riestra, Early D, because there was no official order in the Argentine Football Association (AFA). It is speculated that the leadership of the club was negotiating Bajo Flores enabling astro to play the game with El Porvenir, on 23 March, in the stage of San Lorenzo. But that did not happen, as sources confirmed to the institution.

Maradona, good relations with Victor Stinfale, businessman linked to Ries, officiated last August emeritus DT club in a match against San Miguel, locally.

In those time, Diego concentrated its work on the emotional aspect, ignoring technical and tactical issues, and the team won 2-1.

Ries bet was to get organized Maradona returns to AFA football after his last match for Boca in the goalless draw at the Monumental River Plate on 25 October 1997.

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miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Emotion: Couples open ShowMatch

Couples opened ShowMatch

The countdown to the return of the most watched program in Argentina is almost at the end and since the details of the opening which will feature the two couples currently known. Marcelo Tinelli with Guillermina Valdes and Peter with Paula.

Since Marcelo Tinelli announced his return to television, everyone looks forward to the return of the most watched program in Argentina. In addition, the public will want to know how and why treat the ShowMatch 2014 version. According portal will open the two couples of the moment: Pedro Alfonso and Paula Chaves by Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdes, who will be in the last days of pregnancy.

The recording of the opening will be held at the City Center in Rosario between 17 and 22 March. What remains is to define whether the woman driver traveling or recorded elsewhere. ShowMatch back on top

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Canal NTN24 uses YouTube after being blocked

Amid student protests against the government of Nicolas Maduro, the channel disappeared from cable signals.

International TV channel NTN24 disappeared from DirecTV and MovistarTV in Venezuela during the day today, for unknown reasons. Channel's website nor can be accessed while in the country student protests against the government of Nicolas Maduro developed.

Despite the apparent blocking, the channel turned to YouTube to continue broadcasting, setting up a live feed on the Internet. "I never thought that years later, working outside my country, also behoove me narrate the fall of a signal," said Venezuelan journalist Idania Chirinos, who recalled that he had to cover when RCTV was forced to close by not granting it renewed . "Can not knock down a reality with the signal of a channel," Chirinos said.

Shortly before the signal is dropped, the president of the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), William Castle, reported that international channels were "promoting violence".

"We call it international media to respect the Venezuelan people. Promote violence and ignorance of authorities is a crime," he said on Twitter.

According to recent reports, the protests in the streets of Caracas have left at least 2 dead and several wounded. One of those killed was a member of a pro-government group, while the other was a student who was shot by a group of government supporters. The incidents have been confused, and between the riots have burned several police units and heard gunshots.

On Twitter, the hashtag # 12VnzlaEnlaCalleNicolásPaElCoñoTeVas stood second in global trending topics, and several Venezuelans have turned to social media to tell what is happening and document the protests.

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Alejandra Maglietti I was offered a threesome

The beautiful Alejandra Maglietti revealed that she was harassed by a woman many years ago in the Blessed program leading Casella by Beto on Channel 9.

"A girl who is not very famous sometime harassed me, I thought it was cool but it was very innocent," said Leandro Rud model.

Young also explained that he suggested a threesome, but she refused: "I made a strange suggestion to her boyfriend and then I realized I wanted something else."

Finally, Maglietti said the "stalker" used to "touch and embrace" all the time. But after he made that proposal, decided to move away and not give you more confidence.

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jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Electronic Arts announces FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

The U.S. company Electronic Arts announced at noon today its highly anticipated FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

According Announces EA Sports, is the only officially licensed videogame with which you experience all the excitement, fun and drama of world football event of the year. With the largest variety of game modes in a title tournament EA SPORTS, further improvements and innovation in gameplay, and a staging that manages to capture the joy and Brazilian environment.

"World Cup 2014 includes many improvements to the award-winning gameplay of EA Sports FIFA 14. Guests can accelerate, decelerate and change direction quickly with or without the ball Explosive Movement. Discover also the new feature of Control World Class using Dynamic and Precise turns pass, allowing you to deploy a fast and dynamic game with your national football heroes. 100 model features new animations, including passes, stops and penalties that will help capture all the excitement and unpredictability typical of a World " declare.

"With 203 national teams, 7,469 players, 19 coaches and 21 new officially licensed stadiums including 12 real stadiums in Brazil, the FIFA World Cup 2014 comes to life with more realism than ever," he continued. "Feel the support of an entire country with new animations fans with banners and flags and card decorating stadiums, and direct connections with the" fan fests "around the world".

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# 7F: Furor for the "blackout consumption"

On the Web and social networks, a consumer group for this Friday autoconvocó a measure against increases in supermarkets and fuel. Promotes not buy for 24 hours that day. Massive adhesion and high expectations.

After significant increases in different areas, but especially in food, in recent days, a group of consumers began an action in the web and social networks to generate a "blackout drinking" for 24 hours on Friday February 7.

The measure focuses especially in supermarkets and fuel outlets. With the hashtag # Apagondeconsumoand # 7F, thousands of users are in favor of claim against rising prices.

"This February 7 do enforce our rights: the blackout sumate consumption in large supermarket chains and oil we buy any product not in large supermarkets and let us not even a liter of fuel to show that we do not endorse the speculative rise. rates imposed on us to "express one of the texts circulating in the web citizens.

"We also demand that the State enforce the law, control and impose appropriate penalties for those price makers pushing for a permanent and unjustified rise in prices, which devours the wages of workers," the group, which nucleates on a Facebook profile.

Autoconvocados consumers expressed through various publications, that this call "has no political faction. It is consumers, the neighborhood, the housewife, the corner grocer, workers, employees, and professionals. "

"We are all consumers. We are all affected the current situation of Argentina's economy and we must support speculation and premiums for large corporations or companies, "added.

This call, which for many is a punishment to those who perform these financial stocks, "is a way to make ourselves heard and assert our rights. They (by large corporations and businesses) must fulfill their obligations. We are well aware that they have their rights, but the final consumers (and self-styled photo in one of the many calls) must pay for excessive speculation and rising prices of many products. "

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Jada stevens retires from the adult industry

In one of those erotic conventions Collins heard about the love of God and won a Bible whose cover read, "Jesus loves porn stars".

In 2011 he was voted one of the biggest porn stars in the world. Candace Jackson, for years used the stage name Jada Stevens, began dancing to earn extra money when I was in the first year of college in 2007. That's when two men who were in the club after one of their presentations invited to make a pornographic movie.

At 18, she did not know what to expect: "I was looking for love in all the wrong places," she recalls. Coming from a dysfunctional family. "I felt very loved that day, hairdresser and makeup artist that I said I was beautiful and would be a star. In the early months, it felt good. " The producers took their youthful face and exploit his image as a schoolgirl, in order to benefit from the depraved fantasies of men looking for younger girls. "It was a complete perversion" Candace laments.

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The management Passarella lost 112 million in the last

Because the decision of the PRC on the exercise that included the sale of nonexistent Funes Mori, River must also rectify the balance 2013, which included the transfer Lanzini ephemeral. Thus, it was clarified that the club lost 17 million in 2012 and another 95 in 2013.

After The Millionaire Page confirmed the summons of the General Inspectorate of Justice River to rectify the balance of the 2011-12 season, the club from Núñez confirmed that should also reformulate the period 2012-13 showed similar irregularities Product activation Lanzini Manuel.

The figure nearly doubles the 60 million that Passarella said he lost the club.

This is a result of a summary that had opened to support the PRC Ramiro Funes Mori why player listed as sold in that period. Then ruled that it was wrong included and, by the same criterion, also falls the balance of 2013.

Thus, River must reformulate these two balances, pulling items that affect the final closure of these exercises. Thus, in 2012, without the 34,000,000 pesos which was activated front will move from surplus 17,000,000 17,000,000 deficit. While the 2013, not the 35 million pesos which was activated at Lanzini, will a loss of 60,000,000 at the end of 95. That is, in the last two years of management Passarella, River lost 112 million pesos.

"It's unprecedented depth that gave the PRC to the topic. Unpublished for River and to several civic associations. It is not normal to rectify a balance intime. Has a major force, "he told the club's current treasurer, Andrew Ballotta to The Millionaire page.

"The 2013 confirms what we said before assuming that River had a monthly deficit close to eight million. Now we'll adjust as requested by the PRC and resolve technical irregularities, which will mean sincerity of the financial statements of the club, "said the manager.

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