jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

# 7F: Furor for the "blackout consumption"

On the Web and social networks, a consumer group for this Friday autoconvocó a measure against increases in supermarkets and fuel. Promotes not buy for 24 hours that day. Massive adhesion and high expectations.

After significant increases in different areas, but especially in food, in recent days, a group of consumers began an action in the web and social networks to generate a "blackout drinking" for 24 hours on Friday February 7.

The measure focuses especially in supermarkets and fuel outlets. With the hashtag # Apagondeconsumoand # 7F, thousands of users are in favor of claim against rising prices.

"This February 7 do enforce our rights: the blackout sumate consumption in large supermarket chains and oil we buy any product not in large supermarkets and let us not even a liter of fuel to show that we do not endorse the speculative rise. rates imposed on us to "express one of the texts circulating in the web citizens.

"We also demand that the State enforce the law, control and impose appropriate penalties for those price makers pushing for a permanent and unjustified rise in prices, which devours the wages of workers," the group, which nucleates on a Facebook profile.

Autoconvocados consumers expressed through various publications, that this call "has no political faction. It is consumers, the neighborhood, the housewife, the corner grocer, workers, employees, and professionals. "

"We are all consumers. We are all affected the current situation of Argentina's economy and we must support speculation and premiums for large corporations or companies, "added.

This call, which for many is a punishment to those who perform these financial stocks, "is a way to make ourselves heard and assert our rights. They (by large corporations and businesses) must fulfill their obligations. We are well aware that they have their rights, but the final consumers (and self-styled photo in one of the many calls) must pay for excessive speculation and rising prices of many products. "

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