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to NBA stays without Kobe Bryant for the remainder of the season

The star of the Lakers did not recover from his left knee injury and his return is unknown
THE ANGELES-the Los Angeles Lakers announced in a statement that its star Kobe Bryant, still recovering from his left knee injury, will not play this season in the NBA.

Bryant suffered the fracture of the tibial external audience from the left knee as a result of a fortuitous clash in the party that contested the Lakers against the Grizlies in December. The estimated recovery time was six weeks, time was surpassed by far.

Dr. Steve Lombardo examined today again the player and found that even he has not recovered. "We are left without time for his return," confirmed Gary Vitti, coach of the franchise. "The injury has not healed and, with what's left of the season, would not come to play between what you need to complete the rehabilitation and be ready to play", added.

"Kobe has all summer to recover and prepare, so we hope to be at 100 percent next season," Vitti said.

Meanwhile, Bryant admitted that the season was "frustrating and disappointing", but acknowledged the support received from the fans. "I am looking forward to be back and ready to start training next season," he said.

Bryant only able to play six matches this season after recovering from the rupture of the Achilles tendon of the left foot that forced him to undergo surgery last April.

The player signed a renewal for two seasons in November by about 48.5 million dollars in total...

The Lakers are the last berth in the Western Conference with a record of 22 wins and 42 losses, tied with Sacramento Kings, and Utah Jazz.

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