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The management Passarella lost 112 million in the last

Because the decision of the PRC on the exercise that included the sale of nonexistent Funes Mori, River must also rectify the balance 2013, which included the transfer Lanzini ephemeral. Thus, it was clarified that the club lost 17 million in 2012 and another 95 in 2013.

After The Millionaire Page confirmed the summons of the General Inspectorate of Justice River to rectify the balance of the 2011-12 season, the club from Núñez confirmed that should also reformulate the period 2012-13 showed similar irregularities Product activation Lanzini Manuel.

The figure nearly doubles the 60 million that Passarella said he lost the club.

This is a result of a summary that had opened to support the PRC Ramiro Funes Mori why player listed as sold in that period. Then ruled that it was wrong included and, by the same criterion, also falls the balance of 2013.

Thus, River must reformulate these two balances, pulling items that affect the final closure of these exercises. Thus, in 2012, without the 34,000,000 pesos which was activated front will move from surplus 17,000,000 17,000,000 deficit. While the 2013, not the 35 million pesos which was activated at Lanzini, will a loss of 60,000,000 at the end of 95. That is, in the last two years of management Passarella, River lost 112 million pesos.

"It's unprecedented depth that gave the PRC to the topic. Unpublished for River and to several civic associations. It is not normal to rectify a balance intime. Has a major force, "he told the club's current treasurer, Andrew Ballotta to The Millionaire page.

"The 2013 confirms what we said before assuming that River had a monthly deficit close to eight million. Now we'll adjust as requested by the PRC and resolve technical irregularities, which will mean sincerity of the financial statements of the club, "said the manager.

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