viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Mujica-Venezuela: Venezuelan Political Party calls for inte

Venezuelan political party calls intermediation Mujica

The president of the Social Christian Party (COPEI), Roberto Enríquez, requested to the embassy in Caracas Uruguay President Jose Mujica "international facilitator" to the wave of violence that runs through Venezuela.

"By the will of the Government, it has not been possible to establish channels honest communications and dialogue with all sectors of the country to address the enormous national problems. The only answer I have unfortunately found, is the simulation of the dialogue, the arrogance of power, comb, the buckshot, tear gas and lead to the legitimate demands of our youth, "says the letter, according to El Universal.

Mujica asks to intervene "regardless of ideological differences."

Enriquez reported in the letter repression against protesters "by the security forces and armed groups to-state."

"Conscious of his friendship with the Venezuelan government, but also aware that besides being a continental leader, you are a good and wise, honorable and upright man, we ask you to be international facilitator in the Venezuelan crisis," he added.

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